Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mess, Muddle and Fun

I've never been a photographer.  I take the requisite photos of family and photos of places when we go on trips.  So the challenge from Carolyn Phillips over at Mess, Muddle and Fun got me thinking of photography in a whole different light.  So with that in mind I took a few photos at the weekend cottage this weekend trying to "see" though the camera lense some of the fantastic things that were literally laying there at my feet.

This is part of a log that is laying beside the fire pit.  I found the texture of the moss on the bark very interesting.

In the neighbor's yard I found this scene of a rock on top of a stump with some purple flowers.  Just thought it was very pretty.

Hope you enjoyed my photo.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Carolyn Phillips said...

Those are both great photos. I love the first one because I love the way mosses and lichens grew on wood and stone and how they are miniature worlds with their own textures and patterns. The second photo has a similar feel as well, the purple flowers all lined up like sentries lining the way to the rock. Thanks for joining in.