Thursday, February 2, 2017

2017 - A Brand New Year

January went by in a whirlwind of babies, cuddling,  and some heavy reflection.  Everything on social media pointed to making goals......goals for a healthier lifestyle,  goals for healthier financial stability, goals for a better life.  All of these goals are great.  But my goal for 2017 is for a better relationship with God.

For the past 2 years  I have been Bible journaling.  Two years ago I prayed that God would direct me to a way to become excited by the Word.  Yes, I attend church services on Sunday and try very hard to listen to the sermon and take the lesson with me into my daily life.  But I knew there was something missing.  I didn't have a passion for the word.  Not 2 weeks later I found Bible journaling on Pinterest.  Now you might call that a coincidence but I know it was God answering my prayer.

But lately the art has taken over the focus stead of the Word.  And I've lost that passion.  To tell the truth sometimes I would journal a verse without even reading it because of something I had seen someone else do.  I haven't been reading or studying the Word for several months and that makes me sad.

So my goal for 2017 is to REFOCUS on God and His Word.

Today I started a new Illustrated Faith Bible Study Goals With Grace.  I think this is the perfect way to refocus and reset.

I was also cleaning out the small carry bag that I take my Bible in for Church.  It had several months of sermon notes on the back of the weekly church bulletins.  In January I picked aa focus Word  I found a note with a drawing and verse I had made during one sermon.  So I turned to that verse and journaled it as well.

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