Sunday, April 14, 2013

Weekend Project

Our mission was to turn a piece of ground at the weekend cottage into a flower bed.  We have owned this cottage for almost 8 years and haven't put one flower in.  I keep wanting to but we just never started the project.

The Target
As you can see this spot in front of the porch is pretty bare.  My idea was to put in a bed that mimicked the curve of the patio.  We also wanted some type of edging.  Also, thought a small bush to anchor the corner of the porch would be just the thing so off to Lowes we went.

Home with our purchases and a digging we went.

There's nothing quite so sexy as a man digging up your new flower bed when he would rather be in watching the Masters.

End of Day one and the bed has been dug out and half of the edging placed and leveled.  We bought a  barberry bush with pretty reddish brown leaves and tiny yellow flowers.  It looks perfect at the corner of the bed.

Day 2 meant going for a few more edging pieces and a bag of mulch for the bush.  We finished the border.  Next weekend we will enrich the soil a little because it is mostly clay and ver compact.  And here is the mission complete......
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