Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring has Sprung in WV

No art to post today but I do have a couple of pretty blossoms and flowers in my yard.

First are the blossoms on my Weeping Cherry Tree.  They are so pretty.

Next are some purple petunias.  I mislabeled them as pansies.  Oh, well I was right with the "P".....

Can't wait for the Redbuds to bloom.  I hope that they are out this weekend.  The trip to the weekend cottage is beautiful in the spring when they are in full bloom. 

This is a photo from last year so you understand what I'm talking about.  This was taken along the Interstate Highway 64 on the way home last year.  They are along both sides of the road in big stands.  When they are in full bloom it is a beautiful drive.

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