Friday, November 15, 2013

An Attitude of Gratitude - Day 13


Once again today the challenge is to use a resist technique.  I chose the wax resist technique from the YouTube video that was posted.  I cut a piece of light weight cardboard down to the size of my Cuttlebug embossing folder.  Then I used oil pastels to color the high spots since I don't have any regular waxy crayons.  After I colored the piece with the oil pastels I used my White Linen paint dauber to color in between the embossing.  I let this all dry and then went over the high spots again with the oil pastels just to darken it up a bit.

I moved on to the background.  This I completely messed up then tried to fix by covering it with gesso.  This didn't work out quite as expected so I put some more acrylic paint on the page and didn't like this either.  By this time it was late and I was just DONE!  So I brushed a light watered down layer of gesso on to mute the colors.  Then sprayed a little bit of white ink on just to be safe.  I had some white letters and stuck those down.  Cut out two oval shapes from paper to write the quote and verse on then stuck it all down.

Not in love with this page at all.  It actually looks better in the picture than it is.  But you can't have a masterpiece every time you sit down to work.  I am slowly learning that it is OK to not like something.  You just turn the page and you have a new white blank canvas to start again.

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