Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What to make?

I didn't post the things I made with the Shaving Cream last evening because after cleaning up, I just didn't have the time.  It was late and I was sleepy and the hubby was complaining that I wasn't paying him any attention.  Men......don't they realize that when we are in the zone we have to just go with it?  Guess not.  Anyway, I  finished one of the tags I had colored with the technique.  I wasn't happy at all with the finished product.  You know how you see something in your head and when you finish it the end doesn't look at all like you pictured?  That was how this worked out.

I didn't even take a photo of it to was that bad. 

Well, couldn't leave it at that so I sat and pondered what to do.  I started playing with a piece of wire and threaded some beads onto it.  It looked cute and I had some ribbon that has some spring like flowers on it so I tied a bow through a loop in the wire.  It started looking like a dragonfly and suddenly I was off.....

I'm quite happy with this journal page.  I think it turned out nicely with the pretty shaving cream background paper on it.  And I added a flower and some washi tape for good measure.

I am slowly learning that not everything is going to work out.  That it is OK to make mistakes in art just as it is OK to make mistakes in life.  That is how we learn and grow.  I'm also realizing that my art supplies are there to be used.  I can use them without fear of messing up.  I don't have to make a masterpiece everytime I set out to make art.  I can always buy more supplies.  I think those two things were what hampered me for so many years.  The fear that whatever I made wouldn't be "right" or "perfect" or "good enough" to warrent using up good art supplies.  My father who is an artist has tried to get me to realize that for so many years.  Don't know why it is finally penetrating my thick skull.  Must be that "maturing" process.

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