Sunday, March 10, 2013

12 Months in View Updated

I went a little blog crazy.  I am following 12 Months in View, a wonderful new blog with monthly and seasonally based challenges.  I had started a separate blog to post my challenges and another one for everyday blogging but that has turned out to be a little much to keep up so I've decided to incorporate everything here in this one space.  Below I am going to post all the images from the other blogs so that they are here. 

1st Challange
Each month we are are going to take a photograph on the same day, at the same time, of the same place.

This is my front flower bed from the sidewalk.  Our challenge is to take a photo of the same spot each month so we can watch the changes each month thru the seasons.

2nd Challange
Use an image of a lamb or sheep in a journal page.
I found this sweet little lamb that looks like it is smelling the daffodils.  I enhanced it with some Inktense pencils and then journaled above.

3rd Challenge
Image of a daffodil.

Next we were challenged to make a daffodil using a technique where we took a printed image of a daffodil and using transfer paper to place the image on our journal page and add color.
4th Challenge Make a Zine.  
Here are my cover for my spring Zine and March page.

OK.  I believe this blog is all caught up now.


BJ said...

Ooo - glad you are in one place now. The only other thing is when you post to my blog I read the e-mail which I get sent and it says it is from you but when I click on your name I don't go to a profile I can understand and therefore no link to this blog. The only way I can find this one is from my bookmark from the link on the A to Z blog. All a bit curious, but glad you have got it together. I only have one blog and just entitle the posts specific to the different challenges I am in. Not sure I could cope with more than one blog - LOL. Anyways loving your lamb and daffs. BJ

BJ said...

Now I am really confused, is this your OLD blog? I still can't seem to access any kind of blog from your name in the e-mails comments. I get a google profile
which has 2 photos.
I am so confused

BJ said...

Think I have found my way round your profile now. After clicking on your name from the e-mail I receive I need to click on ABOUT and scroll down to the links section to find your personal blog. Phew - at last! I haven't come across a profile like this before, it is usually just a list of your personal blogs and the ones you follow and possibly some info and an e-mail.