Tuesday, February 19, 2013



I really loved doing this page.  However, I really need to work on placement.  I used fine wire and a couple of beads to add to the tag that I put the verse onto.

The journaling prompt really hit home for me.
Yes, I take myself way to seriously.  And YES, I take on things that are not my responsibility.  In fact I was told today at work to stop cleaning up other people's messes.  That they need to be responsible for their own mess.  While I do know this intellectually, I don't like to leave things undone that I know need to be done.  This is something that I have always done.  That is the way I was raised.  Be responsible.  So it is very hard for me to walk away.  I guess I need to remember that others need to be responsible too.

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BJ said...

Know where you are coming from with respect to clearing up other people's messes. I tend to do more than I probably should round the home, but asking DH or DS to do stuff is just as hard if not harder than doing it myself sometimes. As for your placement it looks fine to me. BJ