Thursday, February 14, 2013


As you can see I'm falling behind.  And I can tell from the colors that I was having a ho-hum kind of day.  I usually use much brighter colors.  And it looks like I just stuck some things to the page.....which is pretty much all I did.  So I decided to complete this page and go to bed.  Hopefully the next one will be much better, both the day and the journal page.

This is one of my most favorite quotations.  I have used it several times before in other journals.  I think kindness is what drives me.  I try to be kind to everyone, no matter what.  Some days I don't feel like an especially kind person but if I remember this quote, I usually can find it deep within me and then my day always seems to be better for it.


BJ said...

Well I like how you have incorporated the doily on your page and the colours are just fine. We can't all have good days, life isn't like that so your page shows another part of you and it is the A to Z of you after all. I love it. In fact the kindness on the light background shows how kindness shines through in this broken world so your page is even more meaningful to me. BJ

Mary Walker Designs said...

I'm a month behind you but wanted to see what everyone has created.