Monday, December 30, 2013

Homemade Christmas

Now that Christmas has come and gone, I can show some of my homemade gifts.

This is one of three message boards I made for my Mom, Sister-in-law and Sister.  It is a Dollar Store metal serving tray spray painted with Chalk Board Paint.  I then glued the flowers on.  My husband drilled holes in the top and I threaded ribbon through them.  The cool thing about these message boards is that since they are metal you can use small magnets to hold photos or whatever and you can write on it with chalk.  Pinterest never lets me down.

This is a stretched canvas of burlap.  I bought a big "G" for my sister Gwen which I put all sorts of goodies on including a bit of dictionary page that is for Sister.  Then I glued it onto the burlap background.  I added a piece of ribbon that is attached at the back so that she can clip pictures or whatever to it.  Again I would like to thank my Pinterest addiction for this idea.

For my Dad the artist I did an 8x10 canvas.  I spread modeling paste through two different stencils with a pallet knife. I then embedded bits of watch parts like stems and bits of the inner workings into the wet modeling paste.  I used spray inks and let them drip and mix on the canvas.  I used gold glitter mist over all.   I call this "Losing Time".  Even though Dad is a pastel artist he loved it.

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