Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I'm Back!!!

After several days at a Leadership conference for work, a trip to my sister's in Washington, DC and a week of vacation I finally have made it back to a regular routine.  My poor little blog, you have been lonesome.  I will get back to regular posting now that life is back to somewhat normal.

This is a picture of National Harbour in Washington where we found this buried "statue".  It was so interesting.  We also visited Mount Vernon, President George Washington's home. 

But the best place that we visited was The Torpedo Factory.  This is a World War II factory where actual torpedoes were built.  Now it houses three stories of small artist studios.  We were able to go through the small studios that were open at the time of our visit and speak with the artists.  We could ask them questions, get tips and generally brouse or buy if we so desired.  We met some very nice and wonderful artists from many artistic backgrounds.  It was the best day.
The picture above is a display explaining how the torpedo factory was built and used during the war.  And yes, that is a real torpedo that was built in that very building. 


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